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Revolutionizing Business Credit for Growth and Success

Welcome to LUCA Plus. We provide innovative cash flow solutions for small businesses to boost their cash flow, by enhancing their purchasing power, enabling them to get paid faster, and accelerating their growth through advanced technology.

Our expertise and our understanding of our customers have allowed us to develop a solution attuned to your needs. When you have cash flow issues, you don’t need the approval process to take months. Using our innovative systems, we extend a line of credit to you within several hours, meaning that we can ease your cash flow instantly.

And as a B2B provider, our service doesn’t stop there. You can extend this service to your customers and clients so that their projects aren’t held up in the pipeline - a win for them and for you.
In his lifetime LUCA Pacioli, the father of accounting, invented the double ledger accounting system which fundamentally altered global business practices and revolutionised the entire finance and accounting industry.

In this age of Bitcoin and blockchain technology, our founders, also passionate accountants recognised that with this new technology, it was now possible to enhance credibility and transparency in the credit risk approval process, and formed a team with industry experts to develop the triple ledger system, thus LUCA Plus was born

Our Vision

LUCA Plus is creating the future of business, breaking away from the traditional model to reshape the way credit and investments work, and creating efficient cash flow solutions that enable businesses to have a bigger, brighter future. From AI-driven risk assessments to the blockchain, we're continually setting new industry standards with simple, flexible, and reliable credit solutions powered by cutting-edge technology.

Our Mission

At LUCA Plus, we are committed to providing a seamless user experience and easy access to credit with best-in-class cash flow solutions, so that businesses can grow and achieve sustainable success.

Our Value

We believe the world deserves a more efficient way of conducting business
We have positive attitude to appreciate, learn, help each other and grow
We are passionate in simplifying accounting solutions for better business
We value authenticity among each other which leads to team trust

LUCA Plus Awards and Recognition

We believe the world deserves a more efficient way of conducting business.
2019 ‘Accountancy Software of the Year’ Finalist
2020 Global Finalist for the Jumpstarter Pitch Competition
Startup or Scaleup of the Year Awards Finalist
2020 Australia Fintech Awards Finalist

Meet Our Team

Ray Wang
Ash Shankar
Leo Huang
Omkar Sangaraju
Tech Lead
Kellson Ma
Adam Wang
Faisal Mehmood
Mark Glikson
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