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Ease your cashflow & save time with automated e-invoicing when usingQuickBooks with LUCA Plus.
Join the 1K+ Australian businesses already e-invoicing with LUCA Plus
Unlimited e-invoicing and transaction audit trails on all plans
LUCA Plus automatically populates invoices directly into your QuickBooks account- saving time and money, whilst eliminating fraud and scams.
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Best for sole tradersluca
  • 2 usersluca
  • Send unlimited e-invoices
  • Receive unlimited e-invoices as bills
  • Unlimited historical data
  • Full invoice life cycle
  • Additional featuresluca
30 days free
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Best for new starterluca
  • 2 usersluca
  • Send unlimited e-invoices
  • Receive 10 e-invoices as bills
  • 3 months historical data
  • Full invoice life cycle
  • Additional featuresluca
Yes it's FREE
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Small-medium size companyluca
  • 3 usersluca
  • Send unlimited e-invoices
  • Receive unlimited e-invoices as bills
  • Unlimited historical data
  • Full invoice life cycle
  • Additional featuresluca
30 days free
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e-invoicing FAQs

  • Who is behind LUCA Plus?

    LUCA Plus is an Australian company based in Melbourne.
    We are accredited by the PEPPOL and the Australian Taxation Office (ATO).
    We are a team of accountants and technologists who are passionate about e-invoicing. There are already 1,000 other local Australian SME’s on the LUCA Plus network, and we have received many accolades:
    - 2019 ‘Accountancy Software of the Year’ Finalist
    - Member of Melbourne Accelerator (Australia’s leading start up program)
    - 2020 Global Finalist for the Jumpstarter Pitch Competition

  • What is e-invoicing? Why is it important?

    From the ATO website: “Paper and email based invoicing is manually intensive and prone to human error. Electronic invoicing (or e-invoicing) is the direct, electronic exchange of invoices between suppliers’ and buyers’ financial systems.”
    So e-invoicing is NOT just an email or PDF invoice. Imagine your accounting system can ‘talk to’ the accounting system of your clients and suppliers. Now imagine those communications are automatic and encrypted, and you’re getting close to understanding e-invoicing. It’s a payments & billing revolution!
    It’s important because it saves your businesses time and money. According to estimates by Deloitte it could result in benefits to the Australian economy of $28 billion over ten years.

  • What does LUCA Plus do that my accounting software can't?

    LUCA Plus creates a ‘live’ link between your accounting software and that of your clients and suppliers. It essentially creates a new ‘network’ which functions as an automated communication channel between payer and payee. This means you can better track progress of payments owed to you, and that your invoices get paid much faster. Which is a big help for managing your cash-flow!

  • What data does LUCA Plus see when I connect QuickBooks?

    LUCA Plus only uses the payments and invoicing data already in your accounting platform. It does not, for instance, access balance sheet, or profit and loss data. By syncing your accounts receivable and accounts payable data, LUCA Plus is able to create the ‘live’ encrypted data link between you and your debtors and creditors. It’s what creates all the magic of the LUCA Plus system.
    (It’s important to note that LUCA Plus is an authorised partner QuickBooks, and that such technology partners must undergo the highest level of scrutiny).

Take it from real users experiencing savings with QuickBooks and LUCA Plus

‘’Our construction business engages with many project companies, tradies and subcontractors. Integrating my existing QuickBooks account with LUCA Plus, certainly simplifies the whole invoicing and billing management systems for us. We can save a lot of time to focus more on developing new businesses.’’

Steve Shi, Senior Project Manager
Cornerstone Building & Construction
Foster business growth for you and your clients when you integrate your existing QuickBooks account with LUCA Plus
Know When You’re Getting Paid
Get Paid 32% Faster
Avoid Invoice Fraud
Eliminate Invoice Errors
Automate Your Bookkeeping
Save Up to 10 Hours Per Week

We are an Australian software company specialising in "Fin tech" solutions that solve the common financial problems affecting good local businesses.

We help small business ease cash flow and avoid fraud, so they can eliminate financial stress and grow faster.

We are brave financial and technology innovators, who dream big.
We collaborate and persevere to solve the real problems affecting entrepreneurs. We are serious about data security, so that we can follow our passion of supporting small business in their quest for growth.

LUCA Plus awards and recognition
2019 ‘Accountancy Software of the Year’ Finalist
2020 Global Winner for the JUMPSTARTER Pitch Competition
Member of MAP community (Australia’s leading start up program)
2020 Australia Fintech Awards Finalist

Australian owned and operated


Bank-Level Security

256-bit AES encryption and use an SSL/TLS secure tunnel to transfer data.



LUCA Plus uses blockchain to securely create an audit trail of the entire invoice lifecycle.


Real-Time Monitoring

Continuous monitoring, vulnerability assessment and intrusion detection to detect threats and keep our system safe and secure.


Multi-Factor Authentication

Two-factor authentication and strong password controls required for access.