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Did you know that the Australian Taxation Office expects to see the majority of Australian businesses e-invoicing enabled by the end of 2020?

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Missed the recent LUCA Plus webinar with the ATO?
See what the ATO’s, Mark Stockwell and LUCA Plus’, Ray Wang had to say about the future of e-invoicing in Australia.

Watch a preview of their presentations here
Mark Stockwell

Head of Australian PEPPOL Authority and
e-invoicing at the Australian Taxation Office

Leading implementation of Trans-Tasman e-invoicing initiative including necessary infrastructure (DCL). Collaborating with New Zealand and the Business communities. Chair of the Trans-Tasman e-invoicing Working Group.

Ray Wang

CEO & Founder
at LUCA Plus

As a professional accountant, Ray Wang is Co-Founder/CEO of Luca Plus. Ray has experience in both commercial and public accounting industries including in Top 500 companies, other businesses and taxation accounting firms. Ray was part of a focus group on Fintech Digital transformation in Australia run by CPA (a CPA member himself).

Majority of Australian businesses to be e-invoicing enabled by the end of 2020

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