Get paid in 5 days by the Australian Government through e-invoicing

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The Australian Government has committed to 5 day payment timeframes for suppliers & government agencies who adopt e-invoicing.
Faster Payment Times
Get paid within 5 days from receipt of your e-invoicing
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Safe & Secure
By pass unsecure mail boxes, issue your e-invoice direct to your clients software
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Create Efficiency in Your Business
Reduce up to 70% in manual data entry
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Step 1
The supplier signs up to LUCA Plus, (PEPPOL secure access point).
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Step 2
The supplier creates and sends out an invoice within their accounting software, LUCA Plus then converts it into an e-invoice.
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Step 3
Then, the e-invoice is received automatically by the Government agency who is ready to process payment.
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The percentage of SME’s still processing invoices manually
The average cost to process
a manual invoice
The number of businesses that experienced late payments in 2018 & 2019
Still unsure what the difference between an invoice and an e-invoice is?
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